Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Skript/Drill Hall

Skript 190613: After Guy Dartnell's Inward Out

we move, fingers dancing on the keyboard, breath in and out, head leaning forwards to see more clearly. these are all our dancing moves, we choreograph our selves here as words on the page. Excellent I love the poetry of that. And your experiences of Inside Out…the meditation…is that dancing, were you somewhere inside somehow dancing? How very perceptive, it was indeed a worthy dance within and without.

the page awaits my skimming, soaring, floating moving words
a turn of the head, a lift of the hand, 
we dance…with words dance
join in if you like 
perhaps you notice yourself taking a breath, settling in your seat, perhaps you notice the movement and you could choose to write here, now, the experience as you sit with me
a child’s voice, whispering, i hear her whisper, shushing, waiting for something, playing, climbing, her movement a dance in this room for us, do you want to write about her dancing...

I once audidioned for a famous choreographer in Melbourne.  
What did you have to do? the moves, do you remember them now?
Yes, I was given intructions to dance without music to my inner feelings and I thought I did very well leaping and skimming accross the floor, then I was told to dance as if no one was watching. I don’t know if there was a difference at all but I was asked to come back again in 6 months time after studying my inner self and thoughts concerning self expression in dance.
And did you go back?
Family life got in the way.  I felt that I had proven myself there, no need to do it again.

we dance the words onto the page…
there is no movement without stillness, like a warm hug.
sitting in our stillness, we begin to notice its opposite, the shapes on the table moving, dancing themselves between stillness, light and open spaces inviting in something more
a deep calm and a greater awareness of  gentle swaying, footsteps and breaths…
now in light, but previously in a darker place, on soft mats, sitting, or lying, stilling or moving, deep breaths, take me in to a deeper place where I might notice swaying
everything is seperate and apart but interconnected, affected and unaffected. 
a dance of interconnectedness. The moving between, connecting, a floating, leaping or is it circling as one links on to the next, to dance outside yourself, ourselves, yes, that is it, to dance outside myself, means I dance here, the words dance, the table is the dance… a rythmn and a melody. 


  1. I have to say, this style of writing is going to get famous as it have so much easy and people can work for more time.

  2. Hmmm... You really enjoy writing lyrics and poetry i think. Thats what your blog says. If a writer himself enjoys his words while writing that means readers will also enjoy it. You really a unique writer.

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