Monday, 23 September 2013

Skript/Grove Dance Theatre, London (UK)

Skript 230913: Whilst sitting in the Grove Dance Theatre, London (UK)

writing dancing 
sitting, waiting, deep breath, breathe deeply
waiting, sitting, breathe deeply
deep breath
sitting bones…
finding my way into my siting bones…the weight of my shoulders pressing pulling
the dark seems to bring about a new engagement, this moment filtered through past moments, our history together and apart, moving in and out of my awareness, images, fleeting, images, remaining
we sit, waiting, allowing for our sitting together to offer something…

please join - just got into a dark room space with curtains sat down in front of a table with a screen and started writing
a brief disturbance
yes, a moment of the past imposes itself, himself…
and is gone
gone but present
yes, i feel the sense of tension in my body, the social needs and desires, and a movement inward, to an inner moving space, a space where dancing is words on a small screen, a lot of movement of words in space also movement of sound in space
and the movement inwards? do you have a sense of an inner journey in movement…the sitting bones, the breath, your heart
breath yes …the sitting position does not allow me to experience so much movement
but allows for more concentration and sense the moving words on the screen
it feels though quite like an atomatic not very human to sit still in  achair typing
yes, a sense of moving within….an object in space…small objects appear the disappearance of a human beyond an object
and yet it is me who is sitting, and sitting with you…we sit together, small movements happen both visually and invisibly…communication without spoken words
a word
a dance
a turn
a leap


dancing…waiting, sitting, waiting, for what do we wait, still moving, moving still…i feel my heart beat faster, my back feels straight, but i feel a breeze across my neck…
turn my head slightly, an inclination toward more
move turn wait

how to write dancing, i dance, the words appear on the screen, from a place of moving stillness…a felt sense of who i am in this moment, or is it what i am in this moment

let’s write together
let’s dance together
writing dancing
hovering, seeking out, expecting
a turn inward,

shall we dance?

hmm pas de deux hmm
yes, for two, or not or moreof more
yes, of more…there is so much more
a breath, take a breath and then…an encore
or just… abreath…a breath
we get abrest of ourselves…encore, and yet no introductions
I’m Josephine!
nice to meet you, I’m Jane
hello Jane again, nice to meet you too
so writing dancing…
shall we
yes…although tell me more encore
an ending is always a beginning. we wait, we breath, a settling into bones and muscle, a movement of the lower spine, a short intake of breath, again…and so…
a beat

de dum
de deux
my head turns, i lean to one side, i hear a voice, a familiar voice, … beat…breathe
and then
the pull of narrative is strong…i resist
a beat
a breath
settle back into the inner dancing
a beat
and breathe…and hear that beat of the inner dance
the…my….breath escapes…moving invisibly outwards into the dark space while my chest lowers, ribcage lowers, waiting for …inside…outside…inhale…exhale…

another turn, we didnt talk about this…this shift from inner to outer and back again…this ‘how are you’…we didn’t negotiate that…how are you?…

a beat
and you?
well, no, i mean, well…i am not sure…
a beat
a breath
the pull of narrative
a moving, a small dance, a twist of toes
or fate
or spine
or tale…
let letting…let
a breath moves up the spine from tale, through each pocket, upwards toward my head, and then ….outwward, upward
echaled inhaled and down again along the apine and down the
of the
a beat
a tut
a breath
thank you
and you

siting, moving
allowing a tiny movement to take a journey, from shoulder to thigh, to toes and back again, spiralling and turning, leaping from here to there
join me

settling into the chair, eyes searching the space on the table for ….
for something to talk to ..respond to…ah, responsive, the feeling of being responsive…an openess? willingness?
pathways to make choices in and choices from.
do you feel the choices within or only on the table…
within…but open to change at any moment.
like a sudden movement just wating to happen, waiting with its own life… a leap perhaps, or a turn…just ready to emerge or change
and to change as it emerges into a new or different state of being.

writing dancing…opening to the movement from under the elbow, fingers moving, shoulders still, back straight
neck, then shoulder, the longing to elongate each movement, to lift my eyes to engage the other

shall we dance
shall we write dancing
turning away and each one finds his or her place and form… 

dancing writing
exploring and finding a voice
a voice, a filling up, the breath begins, the voice begins to well..up…out…on to the page
time to breath and to refect fecting…fec….ing
tracing words and making them dance on the page  I am still finding my way

a breath, your elbow rests, fingers touch your face, a pause, another breath, we wait, movement arrives and disaapears, comes and goes as it chooses
this dance is about time and letting time unfurl and and uncurl …
i look for the uncurling, feel it, under my arm, at the base of my spine
I am still where my breath is and in my head and so I an still searching for the space in my thoughts and….
yes, sometimes it takes such a lot to do what might seem so easy, to feel my feet on the floor, to notice my sitting bones on the chair…to allow more than the images and thoughts which i associate with my head…but when i move the thought to my knee or my shoulder…then something new might begin
that is a beginning I feel in my breath and that sitting, waiting is place that is near…
being open to waiting
being aware of everything and yet nothing…
yes, i hear voices, sounds, spatially dislocated and yet all as one…and i feel a breeze across my neck…and feet on cold floor…all seem to come as discreet material or information…but what if all this is just dancing, a choreography
a danicng breath of wind that plays around one and gives life to ones thughts and actions - ehther passive whther passive!  if active…
I am breaking down, dissolving into a …
melting, blending with the breeze, merging with the voices, giving way to the dance of the voices…a cacaphony in me of movement
not moving but silently loud in the sounds that reverberate in the spaces - dancing of the walls and screens that are here, now…
thank you
thank you

writing dancing
dancing writing
breaking down, falling, going up
are you comfortable
not writing
ah, but in this chair…are you comfortable
if I were to ove it, then yes…
there you are
yes, now it is better. can you tell me more about the better that is feels
it feels comfortable, I can see better and reach the keys, I feel I sit here and enjoy it more
ah yes, the fingers sit well with the instrument, the eyes blend well with the screen…we work with congruence…and it gives rise to…
 a deep breath
breath … the best thing there is … a deep breath can solve a lot, it can liberate
yes, an exhale….a releasing,  and
an inner feeling of relaxation … it comes automatically, I enjoy breathing, following the flow, it always takes me somewhere new -  better
um, an upward trajectory…i long for that and yet each out breath, drops me down, down , down…
down? it also goes up. I feel the downward pull, but at the same time there is another one going up.
into the head, into the top of the skull further than that. It goes beyond that. It is an expansion and emotion that continues where the body stops

a breath
stillness and quiet,…it is as if the silence emerged from another place and pursued me, entered me and calmed me…….


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