Monday, 14 October 2013

Skript/Roz Crisp

Skript: Writing with Roz Crisp after dancing (UK/AUS)

As I imagine you in front of your screen I am trying to recall a different sitting - a watching you dance, a sitting and viewing. My head is turned to the left and I recall others seeings pulling to the right. I am both watching and watched. Your dancing far into the corner pulling my viewing to you and I think/ask myself if my face reflects their faces and what of their faces - all those other viewers - you see/feel. 

That dance seeeeeems a long time ago! I have had many dances since then, the last one 15 minutes ago. Last night I danced for eights people, each one got a minute,on after another. Their faces/bodies/dispositions were reflected on my dancing

I love dance for one - for me - i am dreaming into that moment.  
I could describe one of the one minutes from last night, ..? Please... and perhaps the dance might become one between us now too. 

I started with what I know, breath, listening to my breath, adding some tone to my breath, and slowness, each beginning of a movement slowed right down so that I could catch the breeze, the slippery dive under one arm and yet there down on my heel was another calling. Gradually my attention got in step with my moving imaging sensing... then along came tone. I love tone, I’m addicted to tone, pick it up, drop it, squeeze it, sound came out, word, queen elizabeth; each audience member gave me a different permission, by the sixth I was over the hill an far away, deep into complex mad changes and shifting bits , all mobilised, voila. 

As you write i breath deeply - drawing in the air and feel the space in/under my armpits. And then in a whisk and whip of surprise queen elizabeth comes along!!!

yes words come like that for me especially when I am in the vicinity of my partner andrew morrish! a word falls out or bubbles up, no meaning other than the thing itself and its enormous necessity to be said!

Elizabeth - all dressed in heavy cloths runs down the corridor, her back held her head rotating. She falls. I tumbling into/with/as her. the single word, reference, evoking a untold journey.
or a single image, her head like a periscope up high and rotating, did you know?! and can you contiune that one minute dance ---  

now? yes, all became squishy, each moment loaded with a different direction, body part that protruded, dynamic, tone and each truncation is also on a continuum, a delicious flow. I love flow! 

its flowing when I can take each next thing and there are so many I get extremely excited. the ratbag within, the rock n roll is activated by the flow of changes of my visceral matter. Animal. And yet clearly with this person, this audience member. The heat of being so awake. Think I know or sense surprising that person. I always liked playing tricks on people. 

The trickster … the animal .. the detail - i note these in my watching of the words appear on the page. I sense them in your dancing being. 

yes the detail, the ‘choreography’ is there underneath or guiding. Its what I trust. body part, direction, tone, speed, interruption, flow, fall, weight, breath. And then the animal , the tricks can or might fly up. I never expect them or start with them. Actually I don’t know where they reside, but I know they might come out to play if I go so multi mutli! with the visceral, the matter (ie my body). the body at the centre, at the start and end.... 

yes, and saturation is a delicious condition. That's why I dance, I suppose. 

Everything is possible, there is enormous permission once my senses sensations are full bodied. Saturation, it feels a full word, weighty. I imagine it in my body and feel my belly fill, my legs fall... and then i start to winder, wonder, about all that is around me now in this place-- how is it filling, touching saturating... entering me/you.
yes and the space gets loaded, are we leaving traces in the space around us... Peripheral vision. 

But this saturation might sound like a global thing , whereas for me it is constantly specific, I mean saturation is all over, all in me, all in the space and between the toes of the writing, but and yet a twich a shoulder a long arm a line drops , a tiny space shifts, arghhh words are not it, details each moment is different to the next, even thought here is saturation (which anyway is changing) there is a detail that sticks out. 

And is it that detail within the deep saturation that you follow? what kind of detail might it be?

That's what I’m struggling to find the words for . A detail of a surface of my body or a space that open between two bones or a sensation that slips under my chin or a picture of all my extremities at once... millions of details, that I can prolong, respond to , transfer to elsewhere in my body, exaggerate, oppose, leave... all this choreographing going on from the sensation saturated monster. These sensations, anatomical details that reside, call, stock out... developing through compositional details --- they feel rich in me as i watch, as i dance with you.  

and then --- there is elizabeth!! what to do with her? 

She is simply another detail, of a different texture. Do with her as I do with all the other details, leave them, thicken them, oppose them, dive under them... the richness of choreographic thinking/doing sings loudly to me... can you say/feel what moment what detail might lead to a thickening or a diving under??! 

It would be something to do with appetite for change. Thickening because before it was thin and I have trained myself to have an appetite for change, for noticing what texture, tone, direction, body part, image, I haven’t used for a while, for the last minute! Contrast, pleasure, surprise, surprise myself by the contradiction of thin and thick of my response to my own absurdity, elizabeth, what’s she doing here?! So this ‘drives’ me to laugh about it in dancing. Choreography as a continual pleasure of with, against, ..blah blah hee hee.

pleasure and laughter... i am recalling watching a friend of mine watching you dance at the bonnington (back to faces!) -- she delights in every glancing shift, every interaction between and i see the pleasure in you, her, me. The sensual pleasure of movement in the body - it is good i think to laugh … and not take our own pleasure to seriously!

Well I think/find that laughter is a sensation. Actually I don’t need to laugh out loud but allowing the sensation of laughter increased the saturation. Its like falling apart from too much pleasure and this releases my body and stuff can come out, directions can be taken.. It makes time, its a fall, a letting go and the time , the real time it takes to fall gives me a moment to notice the next thing/choreographic choice. And as well, performing if its not a joy, I think I would have given it up by now.

Wow, the dance of laughter in full in me - thankyou so much for bring me that image/thought.

My pleasure!!

Bye Vida!


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