Thursday, 21 March 2013

Skript/ #especes

Skript 170303: After watching a live improvisation #especes, Rosalind Crisp (AUS)

the space between you  me us… moving reaching your arms out,, searching (re)searching!

the corner frames you ,  eyes all cast over me, away from you to him. but i

dwell with you …

your head curved to the side, my neck rotating, twisting to see feel your movement as the arms extend the back curving. breath heavy behind me.  ha,,, ho, pheewww. the feet pa pa ba, pa.. him as sound for you. your music .  laughter.
in front of me he drops, foot held in hand.  an in take of my breathe. i notice in myself the capturing of the picture. hold it vida, the moment pauses in my minds eye. the foot held in hand, leg at 90%.  and image to be recalled. replayed. re re replayed. the comfort between them resonates in the room. he and she.  the rock and roll comes back like an old friend, ally. yes the rock roll rolling hands. hansueli where are you? Default yes but take whatever comes and the choreographer wanted to stir things up break any english ness. the pair about and them together is see feel you curve under him.,ratbag. the play the connection resonates in us we feel you’re connected.  the solos too much extraneous movement. but in your parting.. in your distance across the room i feel his sound in your dance and your dance in his sound… rat pa pa rock and roll hole.. when we are five its a rat pack.  the rats run roll tumbling I like the animal, try not to spill it too much all over people, but when it come up from underneath it releases a tiger in me.  yes yes i heard the tiger in you very strong the breathing , arrghhhh. the energy filling the room… is it too much? the choreographer wonders… and when you sense the too much how it that in your body? its a reading of the accumulation of dynamic shifts in the space, does that make sense? for example my solo early on max was more busy than usual, he is supposed to be less active, so this brings up stupid questions which are irrelevant when one is in the studio playing, we don t know the limits of this work.


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