Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Skript/dining room

Skript 060313: While sitting at my dining room table, Vida Midgelow (UK)

there is a dance in me, deep in my torso. … if i close my eyes and listen to her, sense the potential of her she is pulsing. like an ongoing, multi-centred gathering of gely balls, jelly balls, she is wiggling. i need to pause, to be with her.
oh my, an image of her as frog spawn... a jelly mass, this wiggling inside me... she is moving inside, i imagine myself doing this frog spawn dance. trying to scoop her up, she slips from my grasp. the belly as splat upon the floor.

jiggle wiggle across the floor - gathering myself into a jelly mould mold old told. I told you to sit up. the jellied spawn tries to still. be still.

not      poss    ib   le....... s  t  i  l  l. gap.

My hand hovers over the keyboard........ the pressure of the key. i press it slowly but the run of the letter out-does my efforts and just stayssssssssssssss then runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns on.  What would it be to stay still while running on?

I try to imagine it, to feel myself dancing that very staying and running... there is a horrid tension in the counterpoint. i feel it. but if i drop the running-on into the smallest moment/movement i start to find an answer... an energy, light rapid, fleet shooting throughout every part of my self whilst i sit - staying while runnnnnning.
run, run, run. i want to feel the extension of the legs, reaching out, opening my pelvis, the open space between legs taking me forward. forward to nothing. the pure rush of the very act pulsing. in me. sensing the possibilities of running on while staying...

Authored by Vida Midgelow

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  1. Very beautiful and inspiring piece of writing. You can imagine yourself in place of the author just by diving deep into the writing and giving a through read to it. Beautiful words!


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