Sunday, 17 March 2013

Skript/ One Flute Note

Skript  160313: While watching One Flute Note, Burrows and Matteo (uk)

1 small movement of the hand
2 shift in the neck
3. lift in the eyes
4. crease in the corner of the eyes
5. thundering base
5. one flute note
6 Boys Choir
7. loud voices swimming around my head
8. strange singing and strange chairs
9. lovely chairs movement without being
10.very slight
11. one breath
12. two sitting with me
13 three sets of fingers
14 not knowings just doings ‘puttings’
15 her hand to her check, her golden hair
16 thinkings
17 delayings
18 dads dads

19. one after the other . yes no
20. hand hovering
21. you put something
22. interruption
23. waiting. patterning. seeing. hearing patterning patterning
24. sequencing,  mis-sequencing
25. sounds sounds discordant.
26. cool, calm
not sure i can wait for 45
28.  me neither

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