Sunday, 17 March 2013


Skript  160313: While sitting in Waverley building, Nottingham (uk)

shall we  write   a dance together…

rolling, spinning, crawling, left to right, left to right, left to right, write,
i am drawn to the space between the movement, a sickly feeling in my belly, a woozy sense of disorientation i feel behind my eyes…no, its on my arms, somewhere in my core, my torso sways…are they moving, am i moving…stillness…
shall we take a breath…a moment together…to write…dancing…
yes why not? typing is a form of dancing maybe?
yes, i see your fingers move, choreographed shape and pattern on keyboard, and a breath in and out,
sitting and not talking really makes you reflect on how your body is feeling, its been a long day and it’s quite strange to sit and just think… or be…sitting and allowing ourselves time to reflect, here together, i feel my breath rise and fall, hear the voices behind me, feel the cool air as it passes over my face
it’s almost like I’m not breathing at all, being still in the space, somewhere away from what’s going on, and it’s a good feeling
yes, to sit and almost not breathe, to allow space between you and them, to notice how your body wants to move….. or not! 

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