Sunday, 17 March 2013


Skript  160313: While sitting in Waverley building, Nottingham (UK)

I feel quite light at the moment, as if on the brink of discovering something

beautiful, discovery,…say more?
A discovery of myself in more depth. Finding more in my interest of art and what art actually consists of
lovely and the light and distant? is it still with you now?
Not as much with a distraction behind me
yes distraction, um, always distraction…but lightness, i feel it too, as if my eyes and torso are in a heightened state and the space around me has moved further away than i ‘know’ it really is.

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  1. This writing dancing must be a good deal and a wonderful idea. I am loving this blog for this idea for even a small happiness and pleasure in life matters to enjoy them this way.


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