Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skript/Closer to the body

Skript 160313: While listening to the public talk, Closer to the body, Choreographic Lab (UK)

notice, take a breath, we begin, dancing, writing, shall we write a dance together

shall we write a dance together

breathe out slowly, write the movement…
whispers slip this quivering hand
that writes the rhythm of my breath

minute swaying
soft feet going on my shoulders
cold chairs warm bottom
and allot of squares
who are they? under my feet are the things we forgot to take they turn up side down in my stomach.
a somersault of thoughts and quiet foods
my thought is my body
my body is a stomcachstomachsdhtosahstoa
stomach. ticking in my arms
tocking in mypits.
pulse pulse pulse flahhsl suqit.wait wait ing no clock in my body a game of silence
ssusepnce. suspence. im nervous in my fingers but happy in my chest. i am thinking by my body.i think before i sense….
when to begin
energy in shulders
fuck istakes!!! quite
right fly where too
offthisage and keybiard
aiou0πdkIOUC0O [
nice. what happened smiles and giggles

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