Saturday, 9 March 2013


Skript 080313: While sitting at Lakeside Arts Centre, fragment 4 (UK)

then a
man walked past, he seemed to know where he was going and i was still sitting, i couldn’t work out why i was sitting Its dark next door in the theatre maybe its something I dreamt yes, maybe…but i feel the air on my shoulders, its as though i am really there, it is really happening I am not sure it is really happening then i see 4 dancers, well i think they are dancers, they walk, in circles yes you are right how stupid of me I was lost for a moment but yes there are 4 dancers and two musicians and they are walking and running in random patterns and the light….is there light? Yes but it changes and changes again, the light changing as the 4 dancers and 2 musicians move in random patterns in the space….i feel them move past me and i sense the pattern, a familiarity with the space…the moving bodies…

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