Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Skript  120313: while sitting in the foyer, Nottingham Playhouse (UK)

My glasses are steaming up. so cold, cold inside and outside, a warming up, a body warming, steaming.  cooling down, slowing down. slowly, we find our way together, quietly dancing slowly cooling down. i see you move your head to one side, it’s rhythmic. tic tic tic . a pause and another. quiet indecision. the feel of indecision the dance of indecision it has a quality,  but keeps on moving, slowly. slowly the dance of indecision begins to find her way onto the page, can i , should i, can I think as quickly, respond? or slowly. too slow. so slow, quick slow, quick quick slow, we begin to create our own rhythm, jerkily yes jerkily or staccato fingers dancing on the page, on the keys stuttering dance into life, blowing the heat of the movement from my belly and your warm inside onto the page..can you feel that yes, slowly warming up and slowing down as i settle, slowly, into the chair, into the page. yes, i feel you settle into the chair, feel the movement of your beating heart, what does this dance look like, feel like it feels , it feels it feels…

i slowly yield, warm up and slow down, breathing regularly, deeper breaths
yes, thank you for dancing writing with me. thank you too.

text speak spk… LOL

it took me a while … l


l the possibilities of the laughter in my hand… clipping cutting …


noticing different directions of pull. Laughter in my head, laughter rumbling at the top of the steps… as my body/ear reaching out to hear it while trying to stay with my hand you hands paused holding waiting. really poised like small animals  quite fine, like rodents, but more more more the imagination rolls as  the rats run.  And something like an iceberg around/in/of my head, the cold, unremitting, floating
yes the cold old sinking in the bones (shhhhh)… freeeezing the cold white table becomes the iceberg on which we write.

Yes, subtle cues produce the imagery

write your story… your dance……

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