Thursday, 21 March 2013


Skript 170303: While sitting at Bonington Gallery foyer, Nottingham (UK)

writing dancing … here with Jane at the Bonington..

red tiled floor…
white table
white chairs
blue white image.

it takes a while and as i type i wonder if i can use the process like a meditation. can i use the passing of the fingers, the typing of thought as a way to drop into the body. to focus in to locate myself.

french accent. the sounds behind my back pulling at my attention. pulling me from my bubble. i imagine it like a sphere of light around me. a cocoon. it feels like it needs/ i need that bubble in order to be here in the moment.

chocolate, the smell rolls inside me..

chocolat noir, sel, avant la performance.
breathing with some exaggerated concentration, a deep breath, moving inside, to see who is here
knowing who is here is more difficult that might be imagined…

lick lips, feet clump, voice booms, laughter,

sunday day grey…  poised in a strange place. flutter. lowering. pausin ggg.

pulling at me . dancing, a movement undanced. awaiting. can will desire. misplaced. as they look lok into i eye i. i  i tr y . come home. home body.

the quality behind my eyes…a low, dark, smooth quality…somehow my eyes are drawn both in and out… somehow my chest is drawn in breath….some how  how some can do these things…the thing ness of them compels me. thing ness. what resides in the tingness thing ness….?
a tinging.thinging…thinning… back up perching. belly open. oddly yes open, guts out.. swirling. exposed. or is it back up, belly closed…back open i feel the source of something not yet known flowing outward, from belly to back to open space…do i need this not yet known thing … the thing in space behind and behind to the  side… drawn to the what might be. being. tr y i n g. to be .. the inhale. opens. voices…i am drawn outwards again, and struggle to keep here and now, as though the voices were from some other time or place. stuart.. come and watch. were it resides. information. the logic of the information. what data  is found in other places i seek peek at them.

dancing. feet crossed. still. can i . i can imaging them shifting perhaps together with anothers.

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  1. Very well written article, enjoyed it and not for a single moment I lost my interest in it. Thanks for sharing it


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