Saturday, 9 March 2013


 Skript 080313: While sitting at Lakeside Arts Centre, fragment 5 (UK)
some of them are dancing no longer. or more of an internal dance, perhaps?my shoulders lift up and down, up and down, my mouth moves into a new  shape, a smile, silent laughter, silent pleasure. I feel it in my shoulder - more relaxed. more content than in the cafe. I am happier in this space, exposed - but in a corner. in a corner, we dance here together on this page, at this table, exposed in our duet. it is a secret duet though - we only need to type fast enough and the words will escape above the page. I don’t type that fast…but we could try…if we wanted.

these are the pauses between the words - only we know how fast we moved.

is this writing dancing?

yes, writing dancing, i leap down the page, or do i slide quickly

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