Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Skript/Opus 49

Skript  120313: after watching the live performancw, Opus 49 

The dancing, nightclubs and hypnotic trance and meditative aspects and as you recall this dancing can you feel into in the bones of your body?  can you recall the sounds pulsing?  most definitely. I still dance and can you find words for the feeling of that dancing….

extreme happiness to still be living ah yes.  dancing bringing us alive//
the beat pushing through the feet and chest .. the heart bouncing hard in eh chest and the lost loss loosing of self in music….

the floor ripples, dark pulling rippling -- the under word under world …
 would you like to share your sensorial memory of sounds with me?
the sound rip into my bones… the floor ripple up the dark world of the club the belly grips me….

can you feel the sound in your body?/i felt the sound very much in my head! My body felt tense…….there was a BIG BANG and it was a release. BANG BANG -- the shock ripples through … the wall as sound the chair as sound…  i noticed a tension in me too… would the sound wave hit,,, would the chair hit! Yes! would the chair hit? That really bothered me….it was on my mind the whole time the movement was happening< I wanted some kind of reassurance at that point.

the chair as rock concert… the dancer as rock star…

he breathes in and we hear the sound, can you hear your breathing… does it seem loud in the aftermath? Sometimes I become very much aware of my breathing….it is at that point that relaxation can enter….unless you are hiding in a wardrobe!!! or under a floor!!
the deep intake of breath… giving us space, and in the holding the tension emerges creeping into us unnoticed. I never used to be aware of this…but i tried to become aware and now when i allow myself to be , I can be aware..
the sigh the inhale and exhale -- the laughter,,, boo they say. boo.
Ha ha… thank you for writing with me….
so,,,,writing mdmamnmcimng
is this a conversation ? Do I wait for a dramatic pause?
a pause, can you hear the pause
Silence……..presents in silence….
and the dance of silence, i saw it…did you
yes - shhhhhhhh
all is still
it sways in the breeze
plip plip plip

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